How Do I Get Started?

Buy an Intro To Flight gift certificate for yourself by clicking the ‘Add To Cart’ button below, then call or text me at 225-715-2769 to schedule your flight. This one hour course will familiarize you with the airplane and give you the opportunity to fly. To learn more about the intro to flight program click here.


How Long Will It Take?

The FAA allows students to get their pilot’s license after only 40 hours of instruction although most students will need an additional twenty hours. The average student flies between 2 and 4 hours per week.


How Much Does It Cost?

The cost for instruction is $50 per hour. Rental for a Cessna C172 Skyhawk is $80 per hour.

The Cessna C172 rental cost is $80/hr dry (meaning you also pay for fuel in addition to aircraft rental cost).

The Piper PA140 rental cost is $80/hr dry

The Cessna C150 rental is $60/hr dry.  For a break down of the total estimated cost click here.



How Do I Schedule A Flight?

The best way is to call or text. My number is 225-715-2769.


What Kind Of Airplane Will I Fly?

We currently have access to a Cessna C172 Skyhawk or Cessna 150. You can fly one of those or one of your own.